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Densaku the Heresy


1982: Densaku YOKOTA opened his own kiln in Akasaka, Arita-cho (1982).
Densaku Gama no Denso means "Tradition is not something to be kept, but something to be made."
It is a given name.
Arita is the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. Perhaps because of this, Arita still tended to regard earthenware as pottery below porcelain.
Therefore, Denso started to develop the technique of laminating porcelain and earthenware. After repeated trial and error, it took 3 years for 1998 years to complete the technique of bonding porcelain and earthenware to obtain the "Utility Model No. 3052748" and in 2010 developed the low temperature firing magnetic "Shining China" series.


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